At IWU we aim for clean cooking energy, renewable energy, information technology and entrepreneurship because they play important roles in unleashing the potential of women for a better future. We believe that with sustainable solutions, women can become more productive by distributing their time and effort more efficiently and improving their health and well-being.

Women spend more than 40 per cent of family income on inefficient and dangerous kerosene and candles for lighting. They walk long distances to collect firewood. They deliver babies in darkness, and they toil in smoky kitchens and venture out at night to use outdoor latrines without adequate light. Girls are left behind without educational opportunities due to the lack of reliable light. Ensuring that women and girls have energy access is not just about women’s rights—it’s a fundamental human rights issue.

Our business model is focused on building a women-driven distribution network to bring energy access to underserved communities. Inspired Women Uganda recruits, trains and mentors Ugandan women to build sustainable businesses selling portable solar lamps, mobile phone chargers and clean cook stoves. Our entrepreneurs are equipped with business in a bag kit, business and technology skills and the confidence to succeed. Women use their social networks to provide the most effective distribution channel to rural and hard-to-reach customers. IWU creates platforms that provides a safe space where women come together to share their challenges and successes by using technology to earn a living and meet local energy needs. Since the women are firmly rooted in their communities, they become a trusted source of post-point of sale customer care. This sustained service is vital for building customer’s confidence in clean energy technologies.

Our model creates entrepreneurs benefit firsthand as users of clean energy and use the power of personal testimony to educate their communities on the benefits of the solar and clean cooking solutions they sell.