Clean Water

51 percent of Ugandans lack access to safe water and 81 percent do not have access to improved sanitation facilities. Further, due to disparities in water access in Uganda, urban people living in poverty pay as much as 22 percent of their income to access water from water vendors. Its against this that we intend to pursue a clean water program

Under this program we aim to help to bring water, sanitation, and hygiene to communities. IWU intends to venture in constructing piped water supply systems in the district in Uganda and use this as a Business model to make sure water services are sustainable. This type of model uses the community to manage water systems, and the approach creates jobs for water point mechanics, private entrepreneurs, and water kiosk and hand pump attendants. We envisage train these entrepreneurs to manage and repair water systems.

We aim to develop a sanitation research facility called the Sanitation Hub. It is here that engineers will invent and test new sanitation products and technologies that are designed to meet our communities’ sanitation needs. We also support sanitation businesses like masons and pit latrine emptiers, connecting them to new Sanitation Hub technologies and providing them with business support.

IWU also trains teachers and school health clubs on proper water, sanitation, and hygiene practices, as well as menstrual hygiene management. We have also intend to start installing rainwater catchment systems in schools for water reuse.