Ahweera Steven - Founder & Team LeaderAhweera Stephen is the Founder of Inspired Women Uganda a nonprofit that focuses on empowering rural and peri urban women to achieve their potential. He was born and raised in a rural village in Ntungamo District. He attended local schools but made it all the way to Kyambogo University. The efforts of his mother to educate him and his siblings left a lasting impression on his life. His mother Imelda used to vend local brew (Mulamba), dig for long hours to produce enough food for home and market. She started several self-help groups by pulling other women to do collective savings and borrow amongst themselves at low interests. These self-help groups were later to be the greater source of school fees for Stephen and his siblings. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Kyambogo University, a post Graduate Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation from Uganda Management Institute.
He has done several trainings in rural development. His quest for women empowerment has taken him as far as Southern India, Bangladesh and Myanmar to get firsthand experience on building a socio- economic, unstoppable network that can turn the women’s situation around irreversibly.
Stephen is a conference Facilitator, Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur.
Besides Inspired Women Uganda duties, He is currently serving the government of Uganda as Senior Police Officer.
Stephen is married to Jovita Karungi and they happily live in Kampala with their daughters Abgail, Kiara and their son Ahweera Stephen Jr.